a day on 5th ave.

apparently this has been a popular site for tourist photos for some time :)

/ reuben doing his best egyptian sculpture impression /

our second day of touristing around nyc took us to one of my personal favourites - the metropolitan museum of art. this was probably the first time i paid full entry fee, but i admit i still claimed to be a student to get the discount (and i will claim to be such until my id expires next year!). i was dying to show reuben the egyptian wing - my ABSOLUTE favourite! i think he liked it too, or at least he would humour me and say that he did :)

/ i think i saw him blink /

the best part of this photo was that, on my camera, after you take a photo of people, it displays the picture, highlights the faces in the photo and asks 'did anyone blink?' so that you can retake the photo if necessary. however, when the question popped up after this photo it completely ignored my face and only had the sphinx's face highlighted asking 'did anyone blink?'...

/ apple store on 5th ave. /

after the met, we walked down park ave. to find some lunch at a cute corner deli, complete with delicious dill pickles. then it was down to f.a.o. schwartz and the apple store. after drooling over apple products we decided to keep battling through the cold and the crowds to rockefeller centre. after a quick stop into st. patrick's cathedral, we pushed through the mass to see the christmas tree and skating rink.

/ yeah we're pretty cute /

yes, those are my possum fur gloves - possibly the best winter weather accessory i had!


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