k is for kakapo

/ kakapo art print by nicolefitzgibbon /

in case you're thinking i'm turning into a crazy cat lady, well, a) i already am and were it not for reuben, i would probably have 10 cats, and b) i have plenty of love for other animals too! i do try to stay informed on the state of nz wildlife so i can impress people at parties when they find out i have a masters in zoology. actually that never happens. i keep informed because wildlife does genuinely interest me. especially quirky creatures like the kakapo.

kakapo are in the news fairly often, but the latest news piece was about an australian scientist saying doc's attempts to restore the kakapo population were futile. i'm sure there is plenty of evidence supporting this, but luckily doc isn't ready to give up yet. perhaps because this season has had several successful hatches so far, though one chick had to be taken to wellington zoo's clinic for treatment. according to the kakapo recovery group's page, there are now 11 chicks hatched this season. not too shabby.

in other captive breeding news - a clutch of tuatara eggs hatched at rainbow springs! maybe i'll get to catch a glimpse of them if i visit emma in rotorua next week :)


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