birthday photos

/ flowers from AD delivered to work /

despite both of the other office ladies being away sick, i had a pretty smooth day at work on my birthday. i pretty much spent the whole day eagerly awaiting 7pm and my birthday dinner with reuben at the new tapas restaurant in town, the cooperage. it was pretty delicious.

/ my present from reuben /

reuben got me this tea box that i had my eye on for quite some time. isn't he adorable?

/ perfect place for my jewelry from jan & chris /

i hate having to dig through my jewelry box to untangle necklaces every morning. now i don't have to :) plus it's fun to display all my jewelry, especially all of the old beads from grandma theresa and pieces i've picked up from my travels.

/ sugar cookies i made for my morning tea shout /

i haven't made these cookies in years and years and just like my 10-year-old self, i got a stomach ache from eating too much dough.


Holly said…
Love the "necklace dress"! Hmm...I may need to be on the hunt for a similar item now. No! I'm not supposed to be buying more things that I'll eventually just have to move. No! Erica, stop being such a bad influence!! ;-)

I really do love it, though. Thanks for sharing.

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