Saturday, May 14, 2011

kickass bridesmaids

/ an amazing collection of bridemaids shoes, can't remember which blog it's from /

i hope my bridesmaids have such an awesome array of wedding day shoes :) i found heaps that would go well with grey dresses:

/ destiny by paris hilton - the cork would match the winery theme really well :) /


Holly said...

Good thing I'm not in that wedding party. I'm apt to show up wearing something like this:

It would *not* meet your shoe standards, I'm sure. ;-)

Doesn't mean I don't love looking at what you pick, though! :)

Kim said...

Which shoes were you thinking of for Annette? I'm dying to hear her reaction. :) While I wouldn't wear any of them due to my ankles, I do like your taste.

Love ya!

erica anne said...

i could see annette in the lulu wedge or the oz!