a little bit about georgia

reuben and i are going to the georgia versus argentina rwc game tomorrow and since i know virtually nothing about georgia, i thought i would do a quick read on wikipedia. some things i found interesting: 
/ balanchine's rubies via nytimes /
george balanchine's father was from georgia.

the knight in the panther's skin is a 6500 line poem considered to be georgia's national epic. i read a few chapters, but mostly i just like the title.

/ iris iberica via endemic species of the caucus /
the georgian iris has my name in it iris iberica :)

the golden fleece from the jason and the argonauts story was located in colchis, an ancient georgian region located in western georgia.

/ gergeti trinity church and mt kazbek via ministry of foreign affairs of georgia /
the greater caucasus mountain range runs through russia, georgia and azerbaijan, with shkhara being the highest point in georgia.

or if you prefer depths over heights, krubera cave is the deepest known cave on earth.


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