paleontological finds

/ dinosaur tracks in arkansas via natgeo /
talk about find of a lifetime! stories like this are what make kids (and some adults!) want to be paleontologists.

/ distinct extinction necklace on modcloth /

they seemed surprised that the tracks were somewhat pigeon-toed, but as far as i recall from my research, this is the norm for many birds (i even remember seeing this in my kiwi footage). while i don't believe birds are a perfect analog for studying dinosaur gait (there are some obvious differences), it's not actually a stretch of the imagination that this dinosaur would show some similarities. you'll be able to read about kiwi gait and it's possible similarities to dinosaur biomechanics in my paper... which reminds me i need to go work on that...


garymj said…
You'll have to email me and tell me about this new paper ! Sounds intriguing. Are you writing it with your advisor ? Or the ostrich guy in the uk ?

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