dressed to file

/ dance show dress /
i put a dress on the other day for work and thought to myself 'why don't i own more dresses?'. i am not a morning person so the idea of just zipping up a dress and being done with it is soooo appealing.

/ drop a line dress /
on thursday i went jeans shopping for the first time in 3 years - the length of time since i was back in the states. sadly, those jeans recently bit the dust within weeks of each other. normally i would just head to walmart or target and find countless options in the $20 range, but i had no idea where to shop for jeans in nz! after a few suggestions from friends, i went to just jeans in the plaza.

/ midnight birdsong dress /
i have to say it was a great experience. normally i have my trusty personal shopper (aka mom) with me when jeans shopping to head back and forth from the dressing room to find the right size. this time around, though, i had a sales guy all to myself (the perks of shopping late in the evening) and i found a pair in about 10 minutes. they weren't cheap, but the ease of finding the right size and cut was so worth it.

/ morning, dune and night dress /
after my jeans success and my epiphany about dresses in mind, i decided to head to some of the nicer stores (that is, not the cheap stores aimed at teenagers) to look for a few things for work. i was put off pretty quickly by the fact that i could hardly find anything for under $100. i know clothes are expensive here, but i was hoping i could find a few dresses at reasonable prices. no such luck on this trip.

/ sash-urated in fashion dress /
so of course i went home and started looking at dresses on modcloth and came up with a million and one things i would like to purchase. for just about the same price i can get a dress in the store here, i can order fun stuff from overseas. very tempted....

/ stunner in the city dress /


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