my friend foxy pop

/ swamp city roller rats by sandy carter photography /
i've had lots of people ask me "what's that derby thing you've been talking about lately?" nope, not horses. yes, it's roller derby. now before you go thinking i'm completely insane let me just state that what i am doing doesn't even remotely resemble what you're picturing in your head - elbows to the face and smashing chicks into walls. i am training, which, in my case, means i am still mastering the art of staying vertical. ok, so i actually haven't fallen as much as my klutziness indicates i should, but there is still plenty of time. 9 weeks in fact! 

so we newbies are called 'fresh meat' and i am lucky enough to have convinced my coworker toni to come along as well on this 9-week course that teaches the basics of roller derby. seeing as i haven't had a pair of skates on for about 15 years, i have actually been learning how to skate again! the course is pretty fast-paced and i really struggle at times, but the organisers, trainers and team all have a positive and supportive attitude and want everyone to be included no matter what their skill level. a couple times i've had to skate out of an exercise, but as soon as i did, one of the girls came straight over to work with me individually.

by the end of the 12 weeks, we are meant to be able to master a list of internationally required skills allowing us to officially bout. there are a few more things that would be required before making it on to a team, but i'm not even thinking that far ahead. not sure if i'd even pursue getting on to a team, at this point i'm just in it for the fun, fitness and awesome outfits.

anyway, it was my friend angela (the other animal keeper at te manawa) aka foxy pop, who encouraged me to come along and i'm glad i did... at least for now!


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