man stuff

/ felt mouse by joey roth /
this week's scents were inspired by my lovely hubby. when he came home from a weekend away with the boys, he was wearing some cologne from a friend and it was sooo not him. i am used to him wearing his spicy bpal 'satyr', the heavy and dark scent suits his strong personality and musk.

/ manspired scents /
starring fragrances ~ the action film
love potion perfume ~ woodland man
wylde ivy ~ tough guy
love potion perfume ~ elementary for men

i enjoyed 'man nip' as much as the last time i tried it, but 'the action film' wasn't really me. 'woodland man', 'tough guy' and 'elementary for men' were all very enjoyable but a bit more manly than what i usually wear so i've passed them on to reuben to use.


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