tropical scents

/ tropical scents and some freshly picked daphne /
miss marisa ~ tropical ~ picked for the name, of course, but it smells like leaves, sunshine and the beach
wylde ivy ~ simple love ~ this was my wedding scent and since we were going to a wedding it seemed appropriate
wylde ivy ~ she sells sea shells ~ my official scent of our rarotonga vacation, i wore it every day it smelled so coconutty and delicious

/ the flower-covered stream running in front of our bungalow /
if i were to mix my own rarotonga scent it would be pawpaw, coconut, banana and smoldering banana leaves with a hint of salty seaweed and frangipani. this is mostly based on our last meal in raro where we were invited to have dinner with the family who ran the bungalows where we were staying. it was absolutely delicious and the best meal we had the whole trip! we had chicken and lamb prepared in an umu (earth oven), local spinach (baby taro leaves) in coconut milk, ika mata (raw fish salad with coconut), pawpaw with a curry (and probably coconut too) sauce, local potato salad and a banana on the side. we also got to try a bite of a juicy seaweed one of the ladies was bringing home with her.

stay tuned, i'll be posting more about raro soon!


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