it's been a while

/ what i'm reading: chesapeake by james michener (photo: ecruelephant) /
it's been a while since i've made a post because i've been so busy lately - traveling, running, working. you name it, i've been doing it. or at least it feels that way. but don't fret, here's a recap from the past 2 months! check out more photos on my picasa album.

/ the happy couple /
in january, we were back in hawke's bay (one year after our own wedding in the bay) for pam & dave's wedding. it was even sunnier and hotter than our wedding, but all in all a good day. best part was hearing reuben emcee ;)

/ our table /

/ my diy tassel earrings worn for pam & dave's wedding /
because we were spending a couple days in the napier area, we decided to go visit te awa winery where reuben and i had adopted a row of vines for jan & chris. as part of the 1-year adoption package, you get to visit the row with one of the winemakers and put your name on it. in addition to learning lots about the vines and how they're grown, we also got to taste all of their delicious wines.

/ visiting jan & chris' row of syrah vines at te awa winery /
new additions at te manawa - frogs! plus the weta are growing up fast. the last i counted, we had 20 babies and juveniles.

/ young southern bell frog at te manawa /

 / babies! /
now we're just waiting for our doc permits to come through so we can get wellington green geckos at te manawa. it's been a very long process, so fingers crossed this happens before i finish my contract at the end of april.

/ gold and pave diamond serpent bracelet on ahalife /
happy year of the snake! i found it particularly interesting to read all about holly's adventures in singapore for chinese new year. especially all the food :)

/ i'm hidden in the back on the right /
lorna's hens party was a blast. i've never done life drawing (though i guessed that this would be the activity!) and even worse, we had to use charcoal, which i have always hated using in my art classes in the past. but i was having such a blast and actually really enjoyed using the charcoal for flesh tones and texture. we, of course, went on to complete a list of challenges later in the evening, but i won't detail these here.

/ image courtesy of jo crabb /
it's no secret that reuben and i love food, so we decided to step up our game and learn how to make some delicious things by taking careme cooking's master class. you can read reuben's review of the class, but i'll sum it up by saying it was a great experience for a very reasonable price. in fact, we both booked second classes. reuben went to a brunch class today with his mum and i'll be going to a bread class with reuben's dad in april.

/ verrine provencale and a side of palliser estate's bubbly /

/ blini with creme fraiche and smoked salmon /

/ seafood mille feulle with homemade puff pastry /

/ smoked duck breast salad with spiced puy lentils /

/ berry charlotte /

a few more snippets:

/ now i see why my garden wasn't growing this summer /

/ my first and only red tomato grown on my balcony /

/ i bought a bike! /

/ wayne & adam's red carpet themed engagement party /

/ in the photo booth at lorna & ben's wedding

/ lovely lorna & ben /

/ checking out a tournament at the rangitikei polo club /

/ celebrating st. patty's at leesa & andrew's house after a hike in totara reserve /

and this weekend, reuben and i spent most of the day down in wellington:

/ the afternoon started with a visit to the wellington zoo /

/ reuben bonding with the meerkats /

/ lunch at sweet mother's kitchen /

/ richter city (wellington) versus pirate city (auckland) derby game at tsb arena /
despite a million and one timeouts, the richter city game was awesome and they managed to squeak out a win by 2 points.


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