this is why i run

/ hungry, hungry hippo at george cafe in tauranga /

yep - there's the reason right there - food. i love food.

opiki school 6k race

a couple of weekends ago reuben and i ran the opiki school 6k race. ok, i wasn't really racing so much as just trying to finish and reuben was just there as backup, but i did it. and now i can say i don't like racing.

but as much as i don't like racing and swore i would never like running and even struggle to fit running into my life, i do enjoy the benefits of being more fit. and it means i can eat things like this (cue the recap of the past few weeks of my life as summarized by food):

home cooking (and drinking):

/ yummy pinot noir and reuben's delicious bruschetta experiment /

another careme cooking class, which i attended with reuben's dad and came home with a pet sourdough starter:
/ a whole day of cooking, eating and drinking /

/ brioche /

/ smoked chicken /

/ sandwiches with wholemeal bread /

/ calzone /

/ wholemeal and sourdough bread with a bit of cheese /

my surprise 30th birthday party! (thanks reuben):

/ delicious caramel mudcake with chocolate icing /

/ the last bottle in the country /

a weekend trip to tauranga, where it rained the entire time. luckily restaurants are still open in the rain. first stop was taco, taco in taupo on our way up:

/ gingerbread margarita - much tastier than it sounds /

/ chicken burrito /

/ beef quesadilla /

then delicious george cafe for breakfast near mount maunganui (aka THE mount):

/ spanish eggs /

/ eggs and bacon /

and finally, tapas for dinner in tauranga at comida:

/ lemon and basil martini /

/ all sorts of deliciousness /

/ sangria! /

eat, drink, dress party. some work mates and i put together a foodie group where we have themed dinner parties every once in a while. because it was school holidays, we decided to throw one earlier this week where each person could pick their own theme which had to tie into your outfit, your dish and your drink. reuben and i went as salt & pepper and we brought old bay spiced prawns with lime mayo dipping sauce, peppered potato soup, salted caramel martini, and a 3 pepper bloody mary. other themes included teenage mutant ninja turtles, safari, mexican and high tea.

/ pass the s&p please /

/ the dishes /

/ and even some desserts /

as much as being fit is a motivator for my running, i definitely couldn't do it without the help of my energetic hubby and, most importantly, the training and motivation from holly of run with holly :) go check her out if you're interested in starting a running adventure (yes, i think adventure is the right word) or even if you just want to read her ever-entertaining blog.

now i am off to singapore to see some sights and probably continue to stuff my face with delicious food. see you soon!


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