life lessons from a cat

this weekend, our little family suffered a loss of one of its members - aston. after a weekend of grieving over the hardest decision we've ever had to make, i want to make sure i reflect on how amazing the past four years with him have been.

aston was such a special cat - the most cuddly, affectionate, and fluffy ball of purrs (or purr factory, as hemingway said). i had never met another cat like him. in fact, i am pretty convinced that he was our little four-legged angel. he helped us through years of uncertain plans, endless amounts of studying, and a new marriage and never minded tears in his fur or us laughing at his quirks.

he has taught us life lessons and left holes in our hearts; he will be sorely missed. rest in peace aston, we love you dearly.


garymj said…
We never know what we've got til they're gone...but we need to love like they'll always be here. Otherwise life and love are wasted. Cats, and dogs too are expert at showing us that. Aston was a great guy.

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