cats and happiness

/ from the happy page /

or.... your cat talking to you! noli has been meowing her head off lately. actually, ever since i took her outside about a month ago, she thinks she wants to be an outdoor cat. 

/ #nolithedestroyer devouring the leaves /

until she actually gets outdoors, in which case she sticks close by, rubbing up against me and chirping away. she loves playing with sticks and will come bounding over to me when i wiggle one around in the grass. other than one incident during the second time we brought her out (when she disagreed with us that it was time to come in), she hasn't strayed far from us or tried to run. her favourite activity while outside? eating leaves. and because its fall, there's obviously an abundance of those. the crispier, the better in her opinion.

update: it's national feral cat day! if you are a cat lover and don't already know about tnr (trap-neuter-release/return) programs, you should read up about them and how they help regulate the feral cat population in many cities.


Sandy said…
Hello. I wanted to let you know that you aren't just talking to crickets!
Cats do equal happiness. We had a lovely tiger who started as a barn cat and wormed her way into the house over the years. She lived happily with us for a long time and left only after our son went away to school. I still miss her.
Unknown said…
thanks for stopping by sandy! and for the lovely comments :)
Anonymous said…
I'm here from the #cricketproject. As the mother of two furry monsters, myself, I can't help but agree with you! I love chatty kitties.

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