killer thighs

/ awesome shot by sandy carter photography /

last night i went to my very first gotham girls roller derby game. and it was awesome!! it was the most fast-paced derby game i have seen, and the footwork and skills were stunning. i was in complete awe. plus, the game was so close, especially in the final jams, that it was an edge-of-your-seat competition. the queens of pain finally pulled out ahead (just!) of manhattan mayhem to win the golden skate trophy.

/ i got recruited by queens of pain fans /

i was definitely still buzzing from a great night out when i read this story this morning - 'thigh gap': reflections on teenage girls' latest obsession - and was really flabbergasted. seriously?? thigh gap?? i know there probably aren't any regular teenage girl readers of my blog, but if there happen to be any reading right now, i just want to say that your thighs are the VERY LAST THING you should be thinking about right now. i promise. but if you are thinking about your thighs, think about how you can do something productive with them. running, gymnastics, dance, weight lifting, or even roller skating! do you think these badass ladies of roller derby can do their thing without some killer thighs? i don't think so.

/ think those thighs touch? who cares, they're amazing! via dancersamongus /

look in fashion mags for the clothes and accessories. but when you're looking for a body image to idolize, close the magazine and look at some ladies whose energy, enthusiasm, athleticism AND thighs are worth lusting over.


Unknown said…
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Succinct, and on point, as usual.

The healthy living/eating/workout world can be a scary place for body image sometimes.

I hope lots of teenage girls find your post when googling "thigh gap".

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