i love the holidays

/ happy valentine's day from edgeofexistence.org /

you may be thinking 'wait, the holidays are over... why are you talking about the holidays?' but i'm not talking about christmas and new years and such. i'm talking about those obscure holidays that few know about and even fewer celebrate. like tomorrow, world pangolin day. yes, my friends and family, i have staged my return to blogging in 2014 with an adorable and little-known animal, the 'scaly anteater' or pangolin.

so happy valentine's day, enjoy #worldpangolinday, have a good long weekend and stay tuned!


Unknown said…
Dang! I can't believe I missed this most important day, and in a country where PANGOLINS LIVE, no less. Minus points for me on the ecology front.

Regardless - was happy to see you pop up in my newsfeed. Hope to see more endangered species days popping up in my newsfeed soon! :)

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