love the hustle and bustle

as much as i enjoy the peace and quiet down pastoral lane, i love the liveliness you find in a city. not that palmy qualifies as much of a metropolis or anything, but i am looking forward to moving into our apartment in the middle of it all...

and then there are ruffles! though 'ruffles' make me think of a southern belle's ballgown (or potato chips), i find the texture of a few creases and gathers to be very flattering. i found this photo on (yet another) fashion blog that i added to my reader recently, cheapskate chic, from which i will surely be getting some cute new looks.

in the meantime, i keep going back to because i really want to like some of these eco-friendly shoes but they are generally just so ugly! why?! even brands that i know i have drooled over in the past (like chinese laundry) have such an uninspiring collection available on this site.


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