movin' out

so reuben and i have started the house/flat/apartment hunt! it's a little bit daunting since i have never had to actually choose my residence before, it has always been university housing, or home, or a family member's house, or a trailer.. as much as i have enjoyed traveling around, i realised that i haven't lived in the same town for more than 9 months straight ever since i was in high school. new york city, home, nyc, home, jersey, back to nyc or jersey, texas, palmerston north, hotels, back home, palmy, rotorua, palmy, planes, the big blue tent in europe, london, home, back to palmy, ahh!

i have always had the goal of living in a place where i might be able to paint a wall red! or even use some outlandishly wonderful wallpaper! or have a coffee table and the associated collection of coffee table books. or even just books in general - they are very difficult to keep lugging from country to country!or a terrarium! an herb garden would be nice, too, because eventually i am going to have to start cooking for myself as well :( thank god for bbc goodfood recipes, where everything looks delicious. it might be nice to have a place for my shoes collection too :)


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