Friends, Fitness and craFts

a photo by my friend dafna, otherwise known as lady glock, who i met back when we both frequented esperanto on macdougal street in nyc. the last time i wandered down macdougal with reuben, it was closed up with paper on the windows. i hope it was just being renovated, not permanently closed! they have a website up, but it doesn't give much info, but then again this isn't the type of place you would even expect to have a website..

and on a completely unrelated subject, reuben and i took a body balance class last night - a combo of tai chi, yoga and pilates. one of two guys in the class, even reuben got his sun salutations on! we are headed back tomorrow and maybe even (gasp!) sunday morning.

also, i finally signed up on, mainly so i can bookmark all of my fave items, like this serotonin molecule necklace, but also because it makes me happy to see other geeky and clever crafters out there!


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