gems of palmy

skymagenta crochet sushi ~ SickOnSin magnet ~ TheFigLeaf keychain ~ FunkyChicDesigns clutch

not everyone is a big fan of sushi, but reuben and i are and we had some VERY delish fish at our favourite japanese restaurant yatai. we went last weekend, looking gorgeous, of course, and stuffed ourselves to the gills. we both had lychee shochu cocktails, miso soup and start. then we split the sashimi platter with tuna, salmon, salmon caviar and some other fish i had never had before. i had never tried caviar before and i must say, even though i am sure this was the cheap end of the line, it was really tasty! we got another one of the specials: salmon and cream cheese croquettes, which reuben enjoyed much more than i did. after all that we just barely found room for the unagidon, which i love so much i have ordered it every time i've gone to yatai. needless to say we left fat and happy :)

i also visited another one of my favourite places in palmy this week: the arts recycling centre. it's just a little place tucked at the end of an alleyway, but it's a crafters paradise! it's packed to the ceiling with junk of every sort from fabrics to buttons to yogurt containers to broken pieces of wood. there is hardly a piece in there over a dollar or two, this is basically stuff that most people would throw out, but many people, like myself want to make into something special! i got a pair of knitting needles (a whole 10 cents) and a few buttons and was on my way. i started making a scarflet right away to get back into knitting again. i had to youtube a 'how to knit' video because i can't remember after not doing any knitting for nearly a year. i realised, as i sat in bed with the cats cuddled up next to us, that knitting is actually cruel when there are kittens around - two huge balls of yarn and a needle flicking back and forth! aston was going crazy!

now that we have the kittens, we have to give the spending a rest for a little while, so this weekend we will be staying in! maybe with a bottle of wine from the village wine trader (i'm after a chilean carmanere after reading about them here recently) and a dvd from the indie dvd store, the portal? lately saturdays have been our wine and cheese days, but we have just been sticking with the pak n save cheese rather than the wonderfully tasty, but expensive cheese at fresh central. we've been making more of our own cocktails lately too (though after going through five bottle of wine this weekend - we had guests!- we've been opting for mocktinis this week). our newest fave was inspired by the falling water drink at the flying fish: 42 below feijoa vodka, ch'i fizzy drink and a slice of cucmber.

when we've saved up again, our other favourites will be paid a visit: mao bar, munchkins, and wild pair!


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