paralyzed and punctured

a la isis, i am sharing my research jam of the day. i woke up with this song in my head, so i immediately youtubed it this morning because not only does it always make me dance, i love the dancing in the video!

we had a small crisis that briefly prevented us from enjoying youtube these past few days - dialup speed internet!! after we use our 3gigs of broadband juice, back it goes to prehistoric speeds... it only took us one day of struggling to get our googlereader articles before we bumped up our plan to 10G and order was restored.

next order of business: some sort of cat climbing play thing and a scratching post. aston, while small, is perfectly capable of jumping onto my lap. instead he uses his deadly sharp claws to velcro himself to my leg and slowly climb up to my lap. no screams of terror from me seem to deter him, so i must get a replacement for him pronto. he has already mastered climbing on clothes drying rack, he needs a new challenge. preferably something with lots of levels and feathers and bells and doodads to keep him occupied and my legs free of puncture wounds.


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