birds of a feather

HaKNiK feather necklace ~ elmstudiosonline take a chance bowl ~ hale bob feather shoes ~ my star research kiwi

stick together! after another great meeting, i am realising the power of academic discussion. because i know few people in palmy anymore, let alone scientists, i have few people off of which i can bounce my ideas! if it weren't for the time difference between here and alabama, i would be online with adele all the time, but that isn't always practical. so my goal is to talk about my project more, to whomever is willing to listen! if anyone wants to hear about some really unique and exciting work on the kiwi, let me know! the more i talk about it, the better i will become at expressing my thoughts and that is never a bad thing. especially because i am aiming to be published and i would like to present at a conference at some point in the near future. eek! the idea of speaking at a conference makes me weak in the knees, but honestly my project is awesome - i mean, who else gets to put kiwis on treadmills?? (answer: no one!)

so, i am taking a chance, as the bowl suggests, and really stirring up my motivation to write this %#!* thesis. and i've already found some excellent bird-inspired wardrobe items to wear while writing my brilliant manuscript. isis featured some feathered shoes yesterday, too. i like to think it's because great minds think alike, but it's probably just a coincidence.


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