stretch it out

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i finally made it back to yoga class again today. i was needing a good stretch and a dose of zen. however, my favourite teacher, toni, wasn't there today. and i don't know what it is about toni, but whenever i take a bodybalance class from anyone but her, i am so disappointed. these les mills classes are all pre-choreographed, so it's not as though she comes up with better classes... maybe she just picks the better classes out of the dozens of possible releases.

anyway, i contemplated walking out today because i truly was not enjoying it, but decided to stick it out since i was already there. instead i ended up really looking at the people in class (mostly because i kept having to look at what everyone else was doing because i just couldn't follow this teacher). there were the regulars: sideburns (man with serious sideburns), sideburns' wife and her friend (who were in our japanese cooking class), the flexible gumchewer (pudgy lady who is extremely flexible and i almost want to admire, but she's always chomping away on gum the entire class), the heavy breather (old lady who is also very flexible, but takes the deep breathing exercises one step too far), the happy old man (just that, i give him credit for sticking out these classes every week), and assorted other middle aged ladies who give it a go even though they struggle to touch their toes. and then there were two people who were new to me - a girl with a donnie darko bunny tattoo on her back and the round old guy with blue toenails.

i guess you find characters everywhere - even palmy.

/ dance sc #3 from howard schatz's passion & line - LOVE the dance photos /


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