chilli, chili, chilly

/ homemade garlic, chilli and peppercorn oil /
i had a few chillies going off in the veggie drawer so thought it was time to make another batch of garlic and chilli oil. i made some two years ago when i had a prolific chili plant and it lasted for ages and tasted particularly great on shrimp! i decided to throw in a few peppercorns this time for something different. it certainly turned out quite pretty.

i forgot to mention about 2 months ago one of the vacant buildings caddy corner to our building finally put up a sign saying there is a new restaurant/cafe coming soon and they've just changed it again to advertise for thai chefs. so i guess we'll be getting a thai place close by - yum! coincidentally, the name is chili.

and speaking of chilly - it has been exceptionally cold this week sooooo i finally bit the bullet and got a new coat, the one i have been lusting over from kilt :) i'll post pics soon because it's uber gorgeous.


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