/ teams lining up for the anthems /
last night reuben and i went down to wellington for the usa vs. wallabies (australia) rugby world cup game and i actually had a great time! i know, i am not exactly a big sports fan, but the atmosphere was great even if the usa team was completely smashed 67-5.

/ being patriotic for the game /
we had great seats that reuben secured through work; only 5 rows form the field and right next to the aisle where coaches and players walked through to get down on to the field and up to their boxes. the most unexpected part of the evening was seeing ethan stiefel and gillian murphy only a couple rows away from us! amongst the rugbyheads, i would be surprised if anyone recognised them.

/ gillian murphy and ethan stiefel in swan lake /
now that ethan has officially taken over the royal nz ballet, i'm looking forward to seeing sleeping beauty in november to see if the company looks any different. watch an entertaining interview of ethan on the tvnz1 show sunday.


garymj said…
Are they dancing in the water ? Shades of Swank Lake !

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