day 4 declutter

/ we found love by irregular choice /

accessories! jewelry, perfume, shoes, toiletries, etc

/ some of the accessories added to a switch & bitch bag /

i love accessories (especially shoes!), but sometimes you just need to have a clear out for new, exciting things. i personally love getting jewelry when i travel so you can imagine how many pieces i have! but how to decide what goes? for shoes, i just have to be practical. no matter how cute they are, if they aren't even remotely comfortable, there's just no point in wearing them because you just end up looking silly if you can't walk in them properly. for jewelry and various other little bits and pieces like headbands, it comes down to answering the question 'when was the last time i wore this??' i realised recently that no matter what the headband looks like, it doesn't look good on me, so i should get rid of them. out they go! as for perfume, i have a big collection from AD so i just have to make sure i love the scent in order to keep it.

de-accessorizing total: 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pieces of jewelry, a small bag of perfumes, small bag of makeup, 3 headbands


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