ombre for a somber morning

/ jellyfish air plant by petit beast /

it seems that we had our entire summer packed into 2 weeks of hot, sticky weather. but a few days ago we had a cold snap and it just hasn't been summery since. this morning is an overcast, grey morning with a light breeze and all i want to do is cuddle up with a book.

/ i want these sunset ombre tights by bzrshop! /

unfortunately, today is a busy day! chores, errands, work and parties! tonight i'll be wearing a purple gown to a friend's red carpet-themed engagement party and it just so happened that i saw a tutorial for ombre nail polish last night - i just had to try it out.

/ first attempt at ombre nails /

luckily i had some purple and pink nail polish on hand, but not a makeup sponge. the sponge i used was a bit coarse so the colours didn't blend as well as they should have, but i think they still turned out ok for a first attempt.

p.s. i haven't forgotten about my declutter project - it's just been on hold this week while i've been swamped with work!


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