day 5 declutter

the bookshelf! (after a busy week interrupting my cleaning i'm back into declutter mode!)

our bookshelf is not so much a shelf for books as it is a shelf for things we don't want the cats to destroy. this means we try to stuff all sorts of stuff on the higher shelves and it gets pretty cluttered right away. this was an eye sore corner and took quite a bit of effort - i had to go through books, cds, scrapbooks, dvds, files, and even seeds! everyone has one of those tricky spots where everything gathers until you just don't have space anymore and this is ours. by the end of the bookshelf makeover, it didn't actually look that different but i promise it is much more organised.

declutter total: one shelf emptied to make room for the stuffed animals that were cluttering up the back of the couch, scrapbook up to date, cds consolidated into one spool, one book now next to my bed and being read.


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