stories from singapore: sentosa island

/ jean shrimpton via suicideblonde /

when i was flipping through my blog feeds this morning, this picture instantly brought up a memory of sentosa island.

/ candylicious store /

see the similarity?

i'm reminded that i haven't really done any blogging about singapore because of our move soon after that trip so i will try to recap some of my memories over the next week or so. luckily i took notes on many of the days i was over there and some things i even wrote about already. 

/ sentosa's merlion, one of a few merlions in singapore /

my trip out to sentosa was a bit of a girl's night out, but with twizzlers and merlions instead of cocktails and clubs.

/ riding the cable car over to sentosa /

dominique arrived toward the end of my trip in singapore on her way back to nz from a year in vietnam. since singapore was a completely different southeast asian city than where she spent most of her time, she was happy to accompany me to do whatever i wanted :)

/ at ya kun /

before we headed out to sentosa island - an island hardly separated from the mainland - we made a stop to get kaya toast and kopi-c. buttery and caffeine-y goodness.

/ yum! /

when we did get out to the island, we first took a million pictures at the merlion. then we spotted candylicious and just had to go in and giggle, well, like kids in a candy store. after purchasing some twizzlers (because i hadn't had any in years!), we were off to sea aquarium.

/ possibly my only good sea aquarium photo /

the sea aquarium was so amazing that i am not going to post many of my photos because my camera doesn't even remotely do the exhibits and the environment justice. i need to get the photos from holly and dom sometime soon because i know they got some great ones. i will, however, share the excellent fish photobomb i caught:

/ this cracks me up every time /

oh yes, and since i wore my blackmilk swimsuit that day, i had to get a sharkie photo:

/ ribs and sharks! /

and because it's singapore, it wasn't weird when we snapped a million photos of our food. we went to the malaysian hawker centre on the island and ordered a range of dishes. while my clay pot chicken was delish, i loved dessert.

/ ice kachang /

not everyone is into beans and corn and various jelly items on their dessert, but i am a big fan. as if that wasn't enough dessert, i broke into my bag of twizzlers while we wandered toward the evening crane show.

/ twizzler mos /

now the cool thing about the crane show was not only that it was free and had fireworks, but it was a show where the cranes (the birds) were made out of cranes (the mahines). how cool! the massive water-spurting cranes were out on a barge and were fully animated to music and ended with a firework display.

/ the crane show /

my pictures, again, were horrible, so go check out a video of the short show here. seriously, unless you are planning to go see it in person, you won't be sorry you watched - it's just so cute!


Unknown said…
A+ for accuracy of food naming, spelling, reporting, etc. :)

And a pretty decent crane dance picture, to boot. [Crane dance: Another even that just can't be properly explained except "we should go see it".]

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