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/ mihi nui te ra with ron tekawa by stefan j simons /

being unemployed does have its upsides - being able to wear pjs all day (everyday) and reading! here's an update on the books that have been in my life recently.

p.s. the photos have nothing to do with the books, i just like them.

/ frost at palliser estate winery /

what i did read

finbar's hotel was a story where each chapter was written by a different author. it sounds quirky, but it really worked.

maisie dobbs was a very interesting read. always great to read about a mystery-solving and witty lady.

the alienist was kind of like csi: ny 1896. had some great historical bits about the city that were pretty fascinating.

a street cat named bob: and how he saved my life was the ultimate feel good book - a happy ending and a precocious cat. it wasn't great writing, but it was a great story. upon searching for this book just now, i see that there are some further books about bob that i will have to look into!

twyla tharp: the creative habit was initially a great read while i was sitting on a bench in the sun in central park. but by the time i got home and picked it up a couple days later, i was half way through it and it was already starting to sound much like the same old thing over and over again. i don't pick it up again.
what i am reading

the book of splendor is so far very fascinating and full of imagery, history and fantasy. every page is so rich and i am only half way through!

what i want to read

carnivorous nights: on the trail of the tasmanian tiger was a book that my parents read while on their australian cruise and actually recommended to me while we met up in australia. funnily enough, it came up again in my searches when i found out that the authors run a monthly science meet-up in brooklyn called the secret science club.

i am sure i will find plenty more good reads on the shelves of the basement library!


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