ballet chic

tutu skirt by Tutusonor ~ via behind ballet ~ ballet flats by Justvic ~ via style lines

i've had my eye out for a good ballet blog and another good looking blog put me onto the australian ballet's behind ballet blog. photos, videos and all those things that remind me of the beauty of ballet.

cirque du soleil this weekend was amazing! my favourite was the ribbon couple (can see on the video) and the red-headed hoop girl. and the trampolines!! going along with the ballet theme, there were a group of girls balancing in various combinations en pointe on lightbulbs!

before the show we went for thai food with reuben's friends gus and laura, who we were staying with for the night, and we had some realllly tasty plates. even just driving through auckland made me miss a city that was so full of activity and most importantly: restaurants!!

but speaking of asian food, reuben and i started our japanese cooking class last week and we learned how to make chicken teryaki - mmmmmmm! this week is sushi!! the teacher also gave us a quick recipe for making our favourite yatai dish: unagidon. can't wait to try that one once i get all of the delish ingredients from davis trading tomorrow.


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