four a.m. felines

felt toy by sleepyking ~ cufflinks by spunksweetshoppe ~ id tag by sudlow ~ candles by kittybblove

our smelly cats (yes, aston is the king of farts) have decided that 4 am is now 'annoy the crap out of mom' hour. in the early morning hours, aston crawls under the covers and cuddles into my arms, followed by manolo who sometimes tries to get under the covers as well, but usually just curls up around my stomach. they sleep and purr for a little while until one of them decides to start grooming. which wakes the other one up. and then they start to bat at each other's tails and then my hair and then my nose...!

so i get up and feed them to get them out of my face (literally) and as i stumble around without my glasses, aston inevitably walks directly under my feet, they mew and purr in that 'feed me now!!!' kind of way and i just happen to notice the clock - 4 am!!! seriously cats...


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