/ changing of the guards at the copenhagen palace /

jacob just landed in denmark this week to start his overseas football career and i was just thinking about all the fun times i had in denmark! i am looking forward to reading all about his adventures because they will be so different and exciting and he's pretty hilarious in general so i can imagine each account being very entertaining.

/ copenhagen culture night /

one of my favourite nights was the culture night where i completely stuffed myself with cheese (the stinkiest blues i've ever tasted!), coffee, ice cream, veggies, beer and more. the best part was when a photographer wanted to take a picture of me trying a piece of cheese - i bet he wasn't expecting to be asking the only person in the room who didn't speak a word of danish! i just smiled and nodded until marie told me what was going on...

/ tivoli gardens /

i also had an awesome time at the tivoli gardens when we raced around to ride as many rides as we could before our pass ran out or the rides closed or whatever was the case. when the sun went down, everything lit up with thousands of lights - so great!

/ carlsberg brewery /

and no visit to denmark would be complete without beer! we did a tasting at the end of a tour too, of course! mmmmmmmmmmm..


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