hello autumn

/ grey smoke leggings from the haute shop /

we had some insane storms this afternoon! torrential swirling rain that was there one minute and gone the next. so much for drying my laundry.

/ ecg leggings via haute macabre /

i guess it's a good thing i started building up my legging collection last week! i'll have to keep looking for good legging sources, because right now farmers is the only place i've found so far.

/ road map leggings via annie spandex - i want these! /

i need to get the sewing machine reuben's grandma gave me fixed so i can start whipping up some more fun clothes and accessories. of course i've been saying this ever since the beginning of the month and it hasn't happened yet. one of these days..

/ les qeues sardines bonny tights /

i've started drying some cat nip and this weekend i am going to pull out the basil from my big pot and start some carrots. this set of basil isn't getting very far in the chilly weather. on of the other two pots is still plugging along great, which means i might try making some herby vinegar this weekend too.


Annie Spandex said…
Ohh! Thanks for including me! That was a nice surprise :) xx

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