mission (almost) accomplished

/ michelle dress on modcloth /

/ harajuku lovers shoes on heels.com /

i went shopping after work today to find some tights and they were all gone! they must have moved them to the new farmers store. bummer!

/ black t-ruffle dress on modcloth /

/ penthouse women's garbo mary janes /

so i decided to go hunting for some new winter work clothes because today was positively chilly. in fact, around 5:30 there was a sudden massive windy rainstorm that nearly blew all my plants over! i went to portmans, where i had seen some great stuff last week, and found a fantastic set of winter work stuff including an amazing black dress, charcoal trousers and a plain long sleeve black shirt.

/ holly golightly inspired dresses via this is glamorous - i want them all! /

/ gianni barbato skull heel boots /

emma came down for her conservation biology class this week and when we walked to dinner at mao bar, we were peeking into all the boutique shops on george street and drooling over all the cute stuff! i'm hoping we get a chance to do more than window shop next time :)


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