concrete jungle where dreams are made of

/ 1950's souvenir map via scouting new york /

reuben, his family and i are all getting very excited about our christmas/nye/nyc trip! reuben and i talk about going to murray's bagels on a daily basis.

/ the esplanade top on modcloth /

there are even a few places that we're hoping to go to that i've never been, like the guggenheim and about a million and one restaurants.

/ book ring via swissmiss /

i'm looking forward to the shopping, of course :) today i bought a cute little skirt in an ancient egyptian print. everyone at work was saying how 70's it is, but i think once i shorten it a bit (it's currently at an awkward length for me) it will look awesome. i'll make sure to take pics, of course.

/ the kapow! boot on modcloth /

and speaking of fun clothes that i need to take a pic of, it's finally warm enough for me to wear the great red jacket that AD got me for graduation - yay!


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