wellington weekend

went down to wellington yesterday afternoon with miriam and her friends ally and john to see the new zealand opera's macbeth and despite all of the wind and rain, had a nice time out of palmy! the opera was nice, but i think after three operas now have resolved that opera isn't my cup of tea, i'd much rather go to the ballet! i feel like there's something about opera that i just don't get...

/ inside maranui cafe /

but of course, no trip is complete without some delish food :) before the opera we managed to grab a few plates from the sushi train near the theatre. luckily we didn't have much time otherwise i would have eaten a whole lot more. then this morning before we left town we stopped at the maranui surf club cafe for some brunch. the place was swarming with people, in fact there was a line out the door and down the two flights of stairs by the time we left! i had a stack of buttermilk pancakes with stewed rhubard, pears, yogurt and maple syrup, a chai latte and some of miriam's elderflower and rhubard sparkle drink. it was pretty fantastic and had lots of buzzing character, even in the horrible weather.


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