christmas eve eve

/ yep, that's reuben carrying all of our macy's deals :) /

our christmas eve eve day started out with macy's!! we were both scouring the store for deals and styles we can't find in nz. it wasn't that difficult to do, actually, and we both ended up leaving with bags full! after macy's we ended up in times square. i'm pretty sure on this visit alone i went to times square more than the entire 4 years i lived in the city.

/ choice seats at the rangers game /

AD was lucky enough to score some rangers seats that night for me, reuben and reuben's parents so that i could show them what huge events american sports games are. i think they enjoyed game. i enjoyed the cheese fries.

and after the game - surprise, surprise - we ended up back in times square so we could take some pictures at night. i'd never been up the bright red steps on the uptown end before, so we went up for the view.


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