the jones-prier christmas

/ reindeer in the animal print shop by sharon montrose /

yep, still catching up on blogging about our christmas/new years trip to the states! i believe i left off at christmas day.

/ smiling even in the sub-zero temperatures /

the first christmas with both reuben's family and my family was possibly one of the most memorable. it started with hot chocolate in line at the rock cafe at the rockefeller centre while we waited to be seated and finished with pumpkin pie martinis overlooking the ice skating rink! the drinks were good, the food was fantastic and the company was great :) we even got to witness a christmas day marriage proposal in the middle the rink!

/ roof top bar at the peninsula hotel /

after dinner we were all still buzzing and looking to continue our christmas partying, so we decided to get some cocktails on the roof top bar at the peninsula hotel on 5th avenue. someone had recommended it to reuben's dad and this seemed like a great opportunity - even in the middle of winter! luckily they had big heaters and tasty cocktails to keep us warm until we finally called it a night.


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