life after te manawa

/ the beetles threadless tshirt /

it's been a few weeks since i left te manawa - a few very busy weeks at ross with the restart of the school year! i have a lot more front office responsibilities this year, which means dealing with a lot of parents and lot of kids. now most people know i am not a big fan of kids, but so far everything's going well. i even have my own fan club of girls who always compliment what i'm wearing and tell me how much they love my accent. cute. now that i man the front desk in the afternoons, i am also almost constantly doubling as school nurse cleaning up cuts, icing down bumps and bruises, pulling out splinters and yesterday was my first vomit incident. wayne and i seemed to be the only people who had the stomach to be able to clean it up - lucky us!

/finding a spot for a giraffe weevil in the insect drawers /

only a little over two months now before the the river exhibit opens at te manawa - i'm quite excited to see how it turns out! while i miss doing science work, i like being an unofficial office manager. i like the fast pace and i like the responsibility and i like the feeling of being able to get things done without having a dozen meetings first. fingers crossed i'll still be this positive by the middle of the year, where things tend to get a bit sluggish.


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