wedding shoes #2

/ lino heels via this is glamorous /

i suppose i need to find a dress first, but i can't resist the temptation to look at shoes. it's way more fun.

/ report signature lininet heels via a girl's guide to shoes /

love these, but i would be SO much taller than reuben it would be a bit silly.


SusieQ6283 said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the first pair are AMAZING
Unknown said…
Who says you have to get the dress first? Why not acquire the shoes, then find the dress?

[This from the girl who was RELIEVED that a pair of shoes I had from a bridesmaid stint went with my wedding dress well enough that I didn't have to go shopping for a new pair... AND they weren't super tall, so I was only *slightly* taller than Kee-Min, rather than tremendously taller than him. I hear ya on the Tall Girls thing. :) Thankfully, he - and hopefully Reuben - don't have complexes about it. GO LEGS!]

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