holiday book #1

/ 1930s shanghai girl found via good, bad, and fab /
i finished shanghai girls last night and boy was that like a soap opera! the two main characters just had one drama after the next, but i suppose that's what makes for an entertaining and quick read and a good way of fitting many people's life stories into one book. i was personally most interested in the first section that detailed the lives of the two girls in 1930s shanghai. however, the other half that followed their lives as chinese immigrants in america around and after world war 2 was equally interesting as well as heart-breaking.

the ending is a bit anti-climactic and left the door wide open for a sequel, so i will have to do some googling and see if that is the author's intention. in the meantime, i will definitely have to check out lisa see's other books (other than snow flower and the secret fan, which i read last year) as she writes about a lot of chinese history that i really know nothing about.


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