seasonal scents

/ fall leaves by maiautumn /
the rain has started up and the weather has cooled off - it's officially autumn in new zealand. because there aren't as many deciduous trees here, the change in seasons isn't quite as obvious as back home, but every once in a while you can smell the fragrance of wet leaves and chimney smoke in the air.

/ (fuzzy picture of) the seasonal scents /
this week, my scents celebrated the seasons:

fourseasonsfragrance (now out of business) - fresh spring
wylde ivy - summer fling
cb i hate perfume - in the summer kitchen
fourseasonsfragrance - sensual autumn
love potion perfumes - winter solstice 2009

i already knew i loved 'in the summer kitchen' as i have had it for several years now and it actually reminds me of when we would visit st. mary's city for the archeology digs in the summer as kids and the recreated period homes would have the smokey hearths lit, the sweet corn was ripe and there was dried tobacco hanging in the barns... this scent is just the right blend of crisp smoke and sweet vegetables.

i also really enjoyed winter solstice 2009 with it's spicy, warm notes with a hint of chocolate.


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