you know when you start to read about something online...

/ high line food open house /
i started reading about the food that will be featured on the high line this spring/summer (all of which sounds delish!), when then led me to read about one of the vendors - la newyorkina.

/ despite it being a wintery day today, i really want one of these! /
actually 'la newyorkina - mexican ice and sweets' is the full name and one of their products, nieves (described as a water-based sorbet), has a soursop flavour. never having heard of soursop before, i consulted wikipedia.
/ an old drawing of annona muricata /
annona muricata is also known as a graviola, is in the same family as the pawpaw and may have some cancer fighting benefits.

i lost track of where i went next, but ultimately i ended up finding out how to cook the enormous swede (aka rutabega) i bought last week... it looks like the general consensus is to mash it. this will work well as reuben and i have decided that every saturday i will make some type of mash for dinner so that he can make bubble and squeak for us on sunday mornings with the leftovers :) sounds like a good arrangement to me!


Holly said…
I love it when that happens! [Although then I realize I've just lost 2 hours of my day...]

Enjoy the rutabega! :)

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