7 days of declutter

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i'm sure a lot of people made resolutions for 2013 that they've already broken - go to the gym, eat healthier food, finish that project that has been half-finished for the past 6 months (or more!)... i've never been one for resolutions. not because i am necessarily a 'seize the moment' type of person, in fact i border on procrastinator more than impulsive decision-maker, but if i feel the time is right for something, then i will get it done. i know this drives my husband crazy, but that's just too bad, he's stuck with me and i have the ring to prove it :)

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i sort of 'fell' into running about a month before the new year so i didn't need to resolve to exercise more - box already ticked. as for healthy food... well, let's just say that's what the running is for. and half-finished projects? yeah, i have a few of those. luckily i never resolved to finish them. until now!

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as part of a delayed spring clean, a few of those unfinished projects might finally see their end; a few corners might have one less box; a few bottoms of drawers might be easier to see; a few more hangers might have only 2 items of clothing on them instead of 4...

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you see, i come from a long line of... collectors. to call them packrats is a bit harsh because i know how tempting it is to keep a hold of things that 'might just come in handy one day' and are 'just too pretty to part with'. but call them what you will, i live in far too small an apartment to collect much of anything, so out the things must go!

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7 days - 7 projects of decluttering. i'm not talking massive effort here because, frankly, i just don't have have the time and neither do most people, so if you want to know what my handy hints (that i will pretty much make up over the next 7 days) are, stay tuned. i will start tonight with --- drum roll please --- clothes!


Unknown said…
Starting small is the way to go! It's amazing how much difference a few small changes can make. Good luck! :)

And be strong-willed...as much as I might consider and reconsider tossing a particular item of clothing, I seldom find myself wanting it, once it's out of sight/mind.

Good luck!

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