day 1 declutter

/ blurry pic of my stash /

ok, i admit, i cheated a little. i already had one bag of clothes weeded out, but the rest i did today. i made sure to go through all my clothes stashes - in the two different closets and even the bag of stuff under the bed. i made sure to not just take out things that i haven't been wearing, but also any items that are headed for a new spot in my house. one shirt is in need of repair and hasn't quite made it to the sewing pile yet, so into the bag of repairs it goes. a couple shirts made it to the bottom of the pile due to their low rotation, but are too sentimental to let go of (i know, i know, that sounds a whole lot like collecting!), so they are going to be donated to my t-shirt quilt. the two bags are full of various clothes for the next switch & bitch - by far the best way to share the unwanted clothes you might have that are still in great shape.
/ some of my s&b scores /
switch and bitch has been the source of so many great items in my wardrobe, everything from funky statement pieces to much needed basics.

today's declutter total: 2 bags to go out, 1 stack of clothes 'refiled' in a more appropriate spot


Unknown said…
WHOA! Re-design on the blog, too, huh? Very nice!!!

Congrats on 2 bags out.

I went to my first S&B (although not named as such!) this summer in LA. It was terrific! I was able to give new life to quite a few cast-offs... :)

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