day 3 declutter

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yes, i realise i missed a day there, but i was unfortunately working pretty much all day yesterday and thus had no time to declutter.

but it was on today - the pantry. this is a fairly easy one for me because my pantry isn't that big. good luck if yours is!!

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i didn't take any photos because i promise, it is very un-exciting.  i have gotten very adventurous in my cooking over the past couple years, which means i have acquired a lot of fairly unusual ingredients from vegan egg substitute to pomegranate molasses. not to mention the multiple packages of danish licorice! but i came to the conclusion that i just had too much in too many different packages and containers, so organisation was sorely needed.
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my suggestion? stacking containers! find a set of containers that you really like and get rid of all those half-used packages and odd-sized boxes and bags. next suggestion - if you haven't used it in a year - compost it! it isn't likely you are going to find a reason to use whatever that ingredient is and it probably isn't healthy to keep it around that long. my worms got a good deal of bread crumbs and various other little bits and pieces.

pantry declutter total: worms fed, empty space on 3 shelves and lots of ingredients now easily found and identified


Unknown said…
Worms! <3

And I love your advice about ditching the hodge podge of containers, and opting for some specially purchased ones, designed to stack nicely and neatly (and where all the lids fit all the containers). But...I can't do it. We just keep accumulating these FREE ones, and I can't bring myself to toss the hodge podge. I'm not like this about most things, but this...

I KNOW! You should TOTALLY come over and help me!!! YES. =)
Unknown said…
YES! what a great excuse to visit :) :)

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