oh armadillo

armadillo cam via coilhouse ~ trampoline via blanket mag ~ armadillo from under my wrr trailer ~ armadillo bbq by bill sorich

note the armadillo grill is not armadillo's bar & grill where dad once convinced me to eat a flaming hot pepper, which was also sometime after mom yelled the famous line "hey, sailor!" out the caravan window.. the latter was a memory for steph, kate and holli :)

last night i fell asleep thinking about an armadillo armada with flea pirates (not that i think armadillos have fleas - but some do carry leprosy!) sailing on armadillos who were floating on their backs and holding sticks with little sails attached. it would make a great illustration, i think, if i was much of a fantasy drawer..

i think it was all inspired by armadillos popping up a lot lately, the most recent being the wildlife cams, which includes an armadillo, cows, wolves and more. what an awesome project!


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