nature calls

i had a great meeting on monday with the supervisors and we came up with a potentially awesome idea/revelation with the kiwi locomotion data that - fingers crossed - might be worthy of something like nature. it's always good to set your sights high right?

yesterday was reuben's birthday and he liked his cufflinks - whew! they were a bit bigger than i thought they would be, but they still looked pretty awesome. after some pork dumplings for dinner and some banana, cashew and chocolate ones for dessert, we were off to ross intermediate's production. it was surprisingly well done for 11 and 12 year olds and we giggled through most of it. while it probably wasn't the usual birthday celebration, i hope it was a good weekday birthday for reuben.

speaking of birthdays - i sponsored hill wrigglepot for mom and dad's combo birthday present through australia's koala hospital. what a cutie! unfortunately, like many of australia's awesome animals, it has a nasty disease threatening their already fragmented population. not sure if anyone back home would have heard about the dust storm that hit sydney today, but it produced some pretty unique pics:

/ sydney's george street via flickr /


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