my naïveté

i learn something new everyday. no really, i do! between's word of the day and my million and one reader feeds, it's hard not to. but sometimes i am just surprised at what i don't know, for example:

1) there are volcanoes in russia. russia is massive, so why wouldn't there be volcanoes there?? i mean, there's even a volcano about two hours away from me, but i guess it just never occurred to me... oh and the ones in russia are currently erupting.

2) from where the phrase 'put the lime in the coconut' came. i could have guessed it was a song, but when i listened to it, it didn't even sound familiar. from the comments on youtube, it was played on house, which i don't remember either. i miss house.

3) there used to be cheetahs in india. i guess i just picture cheetahs stalking gazelles on the african plains and that's it, but apparently they used to inhabit at least 44 countries throughout africa and asia and now there is discussion about reintroducing them to india, where they became extinct about 60 years ago. unfortunately, i'm guessing it won't happen anytime soon.

4) you can't start an automatic car when it's not in park. honestly, after driving an automatic for ten years i had never had this problem until last week and i had no idea what was going on. after a phone call to reuben - he must dread phone calls from me during the day because they generally have something to do with betsy (our car) - i got on with my morning feeling significantly deflated.

p.s. since it's still conservation week, check out endangered ugly things blog - love it! now go conserve something ugly!


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